Link to My Patreon Where I Teach Guitar Related Finish Repair Techniques Etc.

Written by Ian Davlin


Are you interested in learning how to do some of the things you’ve seen on my Instagram or YouTube pages? Good news! We’ve launched a Patreon Page to help gather the luthier and guitar-tech communities together and we’re using the opportunity to share tips and tricks with each other. What I’m really excited about is the Ding Kings. We’re trying to recreate the in-house classes that we’ve done at Dan Erlewine’s shop, but online.

For $3 per month, you’ll get access to semi-regular posts with tricks I keep up my sleeve, as repairs come across my bench. You’ll also get to join us for our weekly meetings where you can ask me (or our guest) any questions you have about anything you can think of. We’ve had guests talk about everything from fretwork to making your business work. Don’t miss out!

For $7 per month, you’ll become a Ding King! As a Ding King, you can pick my brain via email about any loothing-related pickle you’ve found yourself in and I’ll do what I can to walk you through my approach to your problem. You also get access to the Ding Kings Meetings, our community oriented touch-up classes that we hold online once each month.

$30 per month makes you a Master Loother. Master Loothers get to schedule up to 30 minutes of private consultation with me via phone or video chat each month. This is your “Oh S@#! Button”. I’ll do everything in my power to get you on the right track and hopefully get you back into your customer’s good graces.

Go to to join! Our meetings are usually on Sundays at 3PM ET, but we record them all so you won’t miss a thing!